5 Sensory Activities to Do with IKEA Flisat Table

If you want to purchase a children's furniture, I always recommend the IKEA Flisat Table. The size, height, and functions are unique in their own right and you can do various activities with it.

My daughter has used hers for 4 years now since we bought it in 2019. We ordered two large tubs to go into the table so that we could do sensory lessons with them.

There are other tubs or combinations that you can design for your Flisat table, and there are many ideas and inspirations that you can find on Pinterest or Google that will spark interest for your child to be involved in sensory activities.

Here are 5 different ways you can do sensory activities with the IKEA Flisat Table:

1. Water

We have done water activities in the tub and the table holds up pretty well. You can choose to use one side with water, and another side covered, or perhaps, add some rocks and sand for textures. 

For activities, you can opt for a dishwashing activity, sink or float, scooping objects with a net, or water transfer, or you can also put in tiny boats and sea animals and let the child’s imagination run wild.

2. Kinetic Sand

When I first bought my daughter her very first kinetic sand, she stayed with it for more than an hour, just enjoying the softness of the sand falling off her fingers. It is truly fascinating to observe a toddler’s interest in the sensory activity as simple as touching and feeling the kinetic sand. 

Kinetic sand is easy to clean, and not as messy as regular sand. I use my Dyson for a quick clean, and the area around our Flisat table is always sand-free because they really clump (in a good way) to make cleaning up a breeze.

3. Rice / Beans / Pasta

In my classroom, we use dry pantry goods such as rice, beans, pasta, and coffee beans and they are super cheap. You can hide objects in them, and you can add scooping and transferring activities too. 

My students love searching for objects, taking them out, and putting them back into the sensory tub. It gives them an impression of a mini treasure hunt that keeps them busy and coming for more. 

I also have a client who used my flashcards in her sensory bin and they look beautiful with the theme that she was going for. You can always create a thematic look for your Flisat table and change them whether with my Montessori Marbles Flash cards or you can add my favorite ToobToys objects!

4. Slime

Slime is in trend right now with our little ones. I have seen people making their very own edible slime recipe, or you can get the slime-making kit and DIY it together with your child.

My daughter truly enjoyed her slimes. Her grandparents bought her this set last Christmas and we’re still enjoying them. I love the fact that you can add glitter and plastic objects that will not absorb the slime or get tainted by it. 

CAUTION: Please stay alert with non-edible slime because it can stick to carpet, shirt, and hair, and they are very unforgiving. It will stain and will take a lot of work to clean it out. We had oopsies with slimes, and it was a nightmare to get rid of the stains off shirts and carpets.

5. Whipped Cream

Whipped creams are a hit with toddlers! If you are needing a quick fix for their sensory needs, always keep a can handy that you can spray on the Flisat table or in the tub. With whipped creams, you can add colorful sprinkles and flavoring and I have seen others added chocolate chips to it too! 

It may sound unhealthy, but it truly depends on your preference. This is a safer and edible version of shaving cream activities that I have seen around. The kids love it too!


In a lot of sensory activities that I have created and presented either to my daughter or my students, I added food colorings to pique their interests and they can practice identifying colors on top of the touch and smell activities provided. We made colorful rice and water. In fact, you can add a drop of color to your whipped cream and let the child stir it. Another plus, you can add two primary colors together and show the young ones what happens after that.

I hope you and your little one get to enjoy sensory plays as much as I did with my kiddos. Have fun!