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Montessori Marbles | About Me - Dalila

Hi. My name is Dalila and I am the founder and creator of Montessori Marbles.

I have been in the education world since 2004. I have been in and out of the classroom, but my passion has always been creating and designing printable learning materials for preschool and kindergarten level, and Montessori Nomenclature cards.

I believe that children have the ability to learn in their own unique way in order to thrive. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I did a research on the best way to homeschool her, and I found out about Montessori method.

We were lucky that we have a Montessori school that was recently opened in the area and I signed her up there so that she can also get to social with peers of her own age.

After that, I joined in the teaching staff and from that point, I managed to be certified as a Montessori Teacher in 2019 through North America Montessori Center (NAMC).

I have enjoyed my Montessori teaching experience and I love the peace that I found as I immerse myself in the Montessori Method.

I share my thoughts and ideas on teaching little ones on my blog and also in my social media. Do check them out and let's get connected!